Melting The Ice In The Hearts Of Men

VÀN Records
Producer: O.S.D.O.U.
Number of discs: 1


  1. Galahad (12:02)
  2. Gold and Silver (10:14)
  3. Song of the lower Classes (13:24)
  4. Sky Burial (10:52)

Total Playing Time: 46:32


Mucho Kolb – Guitar, Vocals
Thom Kinberger – Guitar, Vocals
Barth Resch – Bass, Backing Vocals
Hajot Gmeilbauer – Keyboards, Samples
Thomas Apfelthaler – Drums


Produced by O.S.D.O.U. at
Rockhouse Salzburg/Austria – Hajot Gmeilbauer, Live Band Recordings
Klangschmiede Norikum/Austria – Hajot Gmeilbauer + Thom Kinberger, Additional Recordings
Woodshed Studios/Germany – Victor Santura + Michael Zech, Post Production, Mix and Mastering
Scene Vienna/Austria – Maurice Young, Additional Guest Vocal Recordings

Thank to Frank Wendtner and Peter Zimmerebner for providing professional equipment and knowledge!

Additional Musicians on this record:

  • Alan Averill – Guest Vocals on “Galahad”
  • V Santura – Guest Solo on “Gold and Silver”
  • Klara Bachmair – All Violins on this Record
  • Mucho Kolb, Thom Kinberger, Barth Resch, HJ Gmeilbauer, Thomas Apfelthaler – Choir Vocals
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