The Story so far

The unique quintet from Austria combines elements of classic Metal genres with shoreless influences words can barely describe.

There are tons of bands on this globe that are easier to describe than OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US. Intense Spiritual Music is the label that was chosen by O.S.D.O.U. themselves. The band breaks out of musically pigeonholing and instead combines the best aspects of the single genres to create an own sound: Mantra- and tribal-like drumming lays the foundation for hypnotic soundscapes created by two 7-strings, accentuated with pitch-black sound samples from the synth and finally hammered through the auditory canals by the pulsating bass. The conjuring and mourning vocals of three singers guiding you through the darkest abysses, the world of O.S.D.O.U. A seamless change between acoustic lightness and mighty, slow-motioned guitar walls evokes emotions of rage, sadness, bitterness, affiliation, love and more.

Viewing the creative process as much more than just simple songwriting the band gathered together artists, photographers, musicians and other creators to unite. Our Survival Depends On Us roped in a number of guest musicians including Alan Averill (Primordial), Matt McNerney (Grave Pleasures, Hexvessel), Hellmuth (Belphegor), V. Santura (Triptykon), Steindór Andersen (Rímur chants and best known for the collaboration with Sigur Rós) and many more.

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