Art is action. This is the most important aspect because art dies without it. Our Survival Depends On Us must take action whether it is music, poetry, photography, painting, statuary or motion picture art. Their contents include major changes in culture, economy, and socio-political institutions.


Mucho’s drawings and paintings have an iconic quality to them. His attention to detail is stunning in the portraits he weaves of historic personalities. Mucho also creates hand poked tattoos. The back-to-basics tattooing technique may court controversy in its ritualistic realisation.


Thom’s drawings are designed with textual and graphic elements like classic poster art or street art. Lithographic colour posters became the principal means of mass communication within the rapidly growing cities of the last centuries. Thom is also author of political essays. He published several articles.


Barth’s raw sculptures are visual rituals in three dimensions. Every cell of a tree demands the artists loyalty and love for this big worldly home.


Hajot gets his inspiration for his music (often very different in its musical content) from movies, books and his voyages just like the unbeliveble trip to Antarctica in Spring 2018. The actual discography of his solo project “Thelema” contains over 15 regular albums. Thelema Music on Bandcamp

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