Our Shop is online!

We are delighted to let you know that our official webshop is online. As of now you will find all official merch on THIS SITE. More products will be added over time.

OSDOU - Gold And Silver

New Video – New Song!

“Gold and Silver” is seen as the point in which each man becomes responsible for his own decisions. It is self-reflective of following beliefs and of rejecting material objects for hedonistic gratification. Thanks to video director Martin Dimitz for his…

New Online Realm

We are thankful and proud to invite all of you to the O.S.D.O.U. universe with this new website. All important information about the band and the collective can be found on these pages. Find some daily news and updates on…

Behind the scenes…

Prepare your souls for our heart-warming and downright charming video clip, featuring “Gold and Silver” from the upcoming album! Take a look behind the scenes… pics by Joir.Serendipity

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