Dawn and renewal

Beloved Sisters and Brothers,

The summer solstice has past, the nights become longer and a new cycle was born out of the ashes of the holy, bygone fire.

New doors have opened for us and we are proud to announce a ritual on the Chaos Descends Festival in Crispendorf (Germany) and a further one at the Nihilistic Arts Festival in Wilherhing (Austria).
Also our store is up to date now and contains a new patch and a sigil made of metal, both we had already with us on the road.

Between and after these two dates we will resume our journey and set our minds free again to pursue finding new words and tunes to summon the spirits of nature, love and light.

To be continued...

Dawn and renewalnnnnnDawn and renewal


"Intense Spiritual Musick"
Okkult + Avantgarde +  Psychedelic +  Black


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